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rikkuawards's Journal

Rikku Awards ♥
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Rikku of FFX/FFX-2 Icontest
Welcome to Rikku Awards
Hello! Welcome to Rikku Awards! An Icontest for Rikku of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2! We made this community because we happen to like Rikku Alot of FF communties have started up lately, and i see no reason not to give Rikku her own. There used to be a rikku_awards sadly it had it's last post in 2006, so thats why I started up this brand new one =)

Layout header thanks to xhymn in challenge 07.

1) You can submit up to 3 icons.
2) The icons MUST be something of Rikku.
3) All the icons must have something to do with the current theme, if it's not obvious how it fits, please, explain it.
4) Fanart IS allowed. You don't have to credit, but it's nice if you do. You may use doujinshi as well.
5) In the submission post, please put the icon and the link to the icon.
6) A given: the icon must be made by you. NO EXCEPTIONS!
7) The icon you submit must not have been used or released on the internet till the challenge is over.
8) This is for Rikku of FFX/FFX-2 so you CAN use screenshots from both games.
9) The icon must be 100x100px or under, and 40kb or under.
Founder: xartificallove
Co Mods: TBA
Bannermakers: skyships, real_goodchild, ironside, penelo - Wanna?
Okay, here's a little run down on how to post your entries:
Make your icon so that it conforms to LJ size requirements, and make sure you stick to the theme! Once you have made your icon, post it as a comment on the submission entry. Here below is an example of how to post the icons:
Comm Icon by openfree
Other: (Sometimes asked for colour etc)
Voting will being a week after the challenge had been given and then it will go on for two days till we have a winner.
Voting is done like this: Icon 1st Place - 3 Points, 2nd Place - 2 Points, 3rd Place - 1 Point.
List of Affiliates - Wanna?
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide