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Mini Hiatus

Hey guys, i'm putting a mini hiatus on the community. I have alot of work issues at the moment and going on holidays in 2 weeks for a week. I'm not sure when the hiatus will come off, it could be a week, a month, 2 months. But please, stay tight and i can promise rikku_awards will be back and running as soon as you know it! :)
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Week 12: Profile header | Voting

Well have 5 stunning entries, i think we wouldn't get anymore so here is the voting! Thank you all for entering & the next challenge will be up very soon! I'm open to any theme suggestions too, just post your ideas HERE :)

Voting Rules
Place your votes.
- You can not vote for yourself.
- Do not get others to vote for your banner.
- Do not post your banner anywhere till voting is over.
- Vote for THREE banners. [ex.] 55, 34, 78
- All comments are screened. :)

Table for voting

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Week 12: Profile header | Submission

This weeks challenge is PROFILE HEADER. If you go to our profile, the banner is looking a bit dull and needs spicing up, this is where you guys come in. I want you to create a profile header for me. Please read the rules to know more info on what NEEDS to be on the header.

Any questions, feel free to post them here.

By openfree

- You may submit three profile headers or less.
- You may not recycle old headers.
- Do not advertise your entry, or vote for your own header.
- No posting your header anywhere till the winners have been clarified.
- Rikku must be the main focus.
- Size for profile header MUST BE 430w x 270h.
- MUST say Rikku awards somewhere on the header.
- GO WILD :)

Deadline: 08th March 2010.